Pigeons are well known as pests in urban areas – and with good reason. They often make themselves at home in urban buildings and can make a mess by dropping faeces. This isn’t just unsightly, it is actually a health risk. Pigeon faeces contains bacteria which is linked with a range of diseases, including encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis and toxoplasmosis. The droppings can also cause serious damage to residential and commercial buildings as it contains highly corrosive uric acid. 
As urban populations grow in London, so does the problem with these birds and more and more people are wondering how to get rid of pigeons. 
Luckily, as experts in pest control London, we have significant experience in this area. Whether pigeons have roosted in your loft, under exspensive solar panels on your roof or in your office, we can help. 
We use a range of techniques to get rid of pigeons and ensure they don’t return. Our approach is adapted depending on the scale of the problem and the area where the birds are causing problems. 
Because of their disease-carrying potential, and the fact that they are often gathered in precarious places like roofs, we strongly advise against a DIY-approach to get rid of pigeons. At Catch-it Pest Control, we can take care of the problem quickly and effectively – and for a very reasonable fee. 
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