Pigeons are awful creatures to have flapping around your environment. Not only do they create a huge amount of mess (they absolutely love tearing bin bags apart), but their urine and droppings can damage buildings and cause the spread of bacteria. Basically, you do not want them in the proximity, and will want to get some serious pigeon pest control in place at the earliest opportunity. Thankfully, preventing pigeons doesn’t take too much effort. These tips should help.

· Do NOT feed pigeons! If you feed them (or leave food out where they can see it), then they are going to return time and time again. Most pigeons only roost in areas where they have easy access to food, so eliminate that as a first port of call.

· You can purchase anti-roosting spikes. They are not cheap. However, they are one of the best ways to prevent pigeons coming close to your property. This is because the pigeon will not be able to settle down. You can make your own if you wish. Of course, the downside of anti-roosting spikes is that for many people they can appear a touch unsightly. An alternative to anti-roosting spikes, although they do pretty much the same job, is a sort of sticky chemical. You can get either of these methods implemented by a good local pest control firm in London to keep those pigeons at bay.

· Pigeons loathe spices. Seriously. They won’t go near them. If there is an area on your property where the pigeons tend to roost a lot, then sprinkle some spices around there. A good bit of Cayenne Pepper will work wonders. If it rains, just re-sprinkle. It is a surprisingly effective method for not a whole lot of cash.

· If pigeons are roosting in your loft, you are going to need to work out how they managed to get in there. If there is an opening, it needs to be fixed. If you don’t have much cash to spend at the moment, you can plug up the gap with some duct tact. You can also purchase plastic pigeon netting. Having pigeons in the loft can cause a lot of noise and mess, so is a problem that you are going to want to deal with sooner as opposed to later.