There are some places you go where you expect to see pests and insects. No one likes pests, but you aren’t too shocked when you see a mouse or an insect roaming around in your peripheral vision. There are other places, however, that pests frequent and in which they make their nests for the year that may surprise you! ¬†Take a look for yourself…
Wasps, hornets, bees etc often build their nests under the eaves of homes so that they can stay safe and under cover and safe from prey. However, sometimes these pests will build their nests inside our homes, making their way further an into the actual loft or roof space. This can include rats and also squirrels, and it is because they find the environment safer and more comfortable for them. 
Wasps and other pests can build nests, and foxes, mice and rats can make little dens in the undergrowth of your garden. Beware of them when pruning ad clipping the grass, as you may accidentally disturb a nest of some kind, and bring down an attack of insects on yourself. Always check your surroundings carefully before starting.
Foxes, funnily enough, sometimes nest at the top of a tree. They do like their dens, but a lot of predators can find them there, including human hunters. Therefore, foxes will nest at the very top of a tree if they are looking for a safe spot to get some good old fashioned sleep. Additionally, they can jump from branch to branch and even tree to tree if sometimes comes up from underneath to attack.
Cars, as many of you know, are common places for pests, mice included. They will sometimes make their nests under the bonnet of a car, as well as inside the upholstery. That way, they can have a safe and warm spot to live and rest, relatively free from harm.
Wasps love building their nests in bushes and hedges because of the excellent camouflage material that is there for them. If you hear a lot of buzzing but can’t find a nest in view, there’s a good chance that it is in a bush. Be very careful when clipping a bush for this reason.
There you have it, five spots in which pests will nest that you may have not been aware of. Keep an eye out for them in these kinds of locations, and you’ll know how to tackle the problem, or at least become aware of it, without getting harmed yourself. Then call in a reputable pest control firm to deal with things safely and professionally.