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Tips To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Car


(Rodents chewed through vehicle wires)

In cold weather, rodents will find any place they can to take shelter and keep warm. Believe it or not, your car may be the perfect place. A rodent can damage your car considerably. They will gnaw wires, rip out insulation, make their nests and destroy the engine. The more you discourage pests from making your car their home, the better! 

Here are some steps to take to keep the rodents out of your car. 
• Leave the hood up – Rodents love a dark place to nest. This isn’t the most practical of all solutions, but it will definitely help discourage any nesting! 
• Seal off any rodent hiding places near the car – Cutting down shrubbery from around your garage or car is a great start. Block any holes a rodent could fit through if you have a garage. 
• Use an electronic deterrent – These devices have been shown to work, and are also environmentally friendly. 
• Make your car smell bad – Rodents hate the smell of peppermint oil and laundry dryer sheets. Try putting some in the car. You can enjoy the smell, but the rodents won’t! 
• Remove food sources from near your car – Especially if you have pets! Rodents are very attracted to the smell of food, so keep it far away from your vehicle. 
• Use traps – If you know rats are in the area, try setting up traps to catch them. 
• Block off the entrance to the engine – Rodents tend to climb on the wheels to get into the engine. You can block these openings with some wire screen, or even sponges. 
• Don’t let the car sit unused – Take your car out for a drive once in a while. A regularly used car is very unattractive to a rodent. 

A car that is seldom used can be quickly taken over by rodents. In less than 24 hours, a rat can destroy most of the wiring in your car. Even if you get the car repaired, the rodents can move back in and destroy the car once again. So it’s really important to keep up all methods of prevention mentioned here. 

Spiders: Pest Prevention Or A Pest In Their Own Right?


Spiders are probably one of the most common household pests in the UK. Two out of three UK homes has spiders living in them, and they are one of the most feared pests too. So when we spot a spider, many of us go for the first form of DIY pest control we can think of – getting the vacuum or a shoe. 

Those of us who are a bit more fearless tend to go for the live-and-let-live motto, hoping that spiders might get rid of some other pests around our homes. If the thought of spiders doesn’t make your skin crawl, you might want to think about sharing your home with a couple of spiders. 
Before you squish another spider, think about how they might improve your home. 

How Spiders Help Indoors 
• Spiders eat other pests – Cockroaches, earwigs and flies are the some of the most common insects spiders will eat for you. If you leave spiders alone, they will eat most of the other insects in your home, giving you free pest control. 
• Spiders kill other spiders – When spiders fight, the winner eats the loser. This means the population will constantly shift. 
• Spiders help stop diseases spreading – Many household pests transmit diseases to humans, and spiders like to feast on these pests. Therefore they can stop diseases spreading into your home. 

Keeping Spiders Out 
• Eliminate food sources around your home by preventing all pests from entering. Block off all the points of entry and seal up any holes. 
• Keep clutter out of your garden, and trim back all of your plants to stop them from touching your home. 
• Store all of your items in plastic tubs with tight fitting lids. Cardboard boxes attract pests, which in turn will attract spiders. 
• Any firewood stored outdoors needs to be kept away from the house, and brushed off before you bring it indoors. 
• Put insecticide in spots around your home where spiders build their webs. 
• Control insects in your home with insect killer and great pest control to eliminate the spiders food source. 
• Consider having a pest control treatment done to the outside of your home. We have lots of different treatments we can offer you that are safe for your homes foundations and keep the pests out. 

Mouse Control Versus Mouse Prevention


As is the rule with any kind of pest control, prevention is always easier than the cure. This is why you need to make sure you have a proper pest control routine in place in your London home. You also need to know the best methods of control just in case you have an infestation. 

Mouse traps can be very effective if you use them properly. Traps provide a quick solution to a rodent control problem, and you can use them over and over again if you need to. You also have the ability to see whether you have caught a rodent in the traps. To effectively use traps, you have to place them in the proper areas. A common mistake is to not use enough traps. You will catch more rodents on the first night than any other, so use a large number of traps initially. 

Rodent baits are another method of rodent control. As with traps, you have to place in the correct locations. 

Putting a pest prevention routine in place will keep mice and other pests out of your London home and your garden too. 

Here are some quick and easy tips to get you started on your prevention schedule. 
• Thoroughly clean your home, including underneath the oven and behind the fridge. Wipe down all of your surfaces. Make sure there are no crumbs or spilled drinks left on the floor, as this is a beacon to a mouse. 

• Clean up all over your dirty dishes, glasses of water and pet food. Don’t leave any of them to sit overnight, because mice will be attracted to them. 

• Keep your home free from clutter, including in the garden. Mess is a great place for mice to hide and make their nests. So make sure to clean it up so they have less places to hide, and less materials to make their nests with. 

• Maintain your garden properly. Keep your grass cut, and your trees and bushes trimmed back away from the house. Trim any shrubbery until the ground underneath it is visible. 

If you want more advice on preventing and controlling mice in your home or business, give us a call today. 

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